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Corporate Values

Our Corporate Values provide the foundation for HR Guru Associate’s  Business Principles.  Our values and principles also support us on our journey to corporate growth.

At  HR Guru Associates,  we're committed to achieving our mission. This requires great people who are bright, creative and energetic, and who share the following values:

Integrity: First and foremost, we are committed to integrity in all that we do, always, everywhere.

Respect: We respect every individual – our employees, our consultants, and our clients. We value and benefit from the diversity and entrepreneurial spirit of each individual.

Professionalism:  It is our duty to perform to the highest standards of professionalism.   We are determined to deliver outstanding quality so that we unite with our clients and have long lasting relationships.

Teamwork: It is the essence of our ability to succeed as a trusted vendor of training solutions to our clients. We continue to learn from our employees, consultants and strategic partners – sharing skills, resources, and experiences to help benefit our clients as well as ourselves.

Commitment: We are committed to personal excellence and self-improvement. We draw strength from performance evaluations – striving to excel and improve in all aspect of business.

Dedication: We are dedicated and have the willingness to take on big challenges and see them through.


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